Torsus, The First 4X4 Off Road Bus In The World!

We seen a lot of 4×4 trucks that are off road and can go where most of the regular vehicles can’t and even ATV that are extreme and fast. But no one has tried to build an extreme and off road bus. Meet the Torus, The World’s First Heavy Duty 4×4 Off Road Bus! Praetorian is designed to transport personnel and equipment over rough terrain and in harsh conditions. Ideal for a wide range of uses from heavy industries, such as mining, forestry, oil and gas as well as emergency response, disaster relief, overland tours, safaris and ski transportation. Praetorian by Torsus is based on a heavy duty MAN chassis and powered by MAN engines and drive train, durability is ingrained. From the Michelin off road tires to the Line-X™ ballistic-grade coating on body parts, Praetorian is built to take on the terrain. Powered by a 6-cylinder diesel engine, the Torsus promises plenty of torque to pull all the weight that’s on board and help to keep those tires spinning in a variety of rough and rugged situations. The basic Plaetorian configuration features up to 35 seats, along with cargo space for equipment.With multiple configurations and customization options available, the Praetorian is adaptable to meet almost any specific customer requirements.