Tin Can And Cheese – How To Make a Cheese Grater Out Of A Tin Food Can! Easy

I have 3 graters at home and none works like this one. And my main question is: why didn’t i think about this sooner? Well not all of us have ideas that are genius and pop-out when you at least expected. To transform a tin can into a grater for cheese… well this is something unexpected. Could be useful when you need a grater and can’t find one. When you do decide to make this DIY project, sterilize the can completely before you use it to avoid food contaminants. Carefully remove the top of the can with a can opener or knife, then poke several small holes in one side of the can.You also need to make sure that the inside is smoothed properly. The sharp edges created when you poke holes into the can may have left aluminum particles and the last thing you want is to have them in your food.Once you have it all ready, rub your cheese block along the side of the can and you’ll have freshly grated cheese.