This Paint Will Make Your Car Glow In The Dark! Light Emitting Coating – Electroluminescent Paint

Visibility on dark roads has become a major problem this days. Many accidents occur due to low visibility on people, cars and even animals. A solution to combat this problem is to light every dark corner or road, but this means a lot of electricity to spend. Today people have found a solution that is more efficient than anything in the world. Electroluminescent paint is a light emitting coating which can make any object or surface a light. The paint system, however, requires an electrical current passing through it to let it emit light. LumiLor is an electroluminescent coating system which allows anything coated with it to function as a light. Electroluminescence simply means that an object is capable of emitting light when an electrical current passes through it. The lifespan of LumiLor is dependent on how much power is applied and the native LumiLor color used. More power equals brighter light but a shorter half life. The life of the product has been measured over 10,000 hours, and in some up to 50,000 hours. Charging and discharging LumiLor does not affect the half-life. LumiLor only degrades towards its half life when it is charged.The Lumicolor layer is currently available in white, blue, aqua, green, orange, Yellow, Violet and Pink colors.