The Strangest And Healthiest Bike Ever Built! Strength & Cardio Together

Why to go to the gym when you have this bike available for you. And what to tell more, cuz it’s so funny to use and very good for your health. You do cardio, muscles and many many good things i can’t write them because will be a long list. Rowbike is a patented fitness machine that incorporates body fitness and including both strength training and cardiovascular exercise. Rowbike is a trademark of the Rowbike company. The Rowbike was invented by Scott Olson. It’s a full-fledged transport bike for getting to places, too, with the pedal mechanism replaced with a stationary rowing drive. Unlike traditional bicycles where power is supplied primarily by the rider’s legs turning pedals connected to the drive wheel through a looped chain, a Rowbike delivers power through a swinging lever that moves a chain back and forth over the rear cog in a reciprocating motion regulated by a bungee cord. The rowing lever is large enough that a rider will normally utilize muscles from their legs, arms, back and abdomen to maintain a steady rowing motion to keep the Rowbike in motion. It has a seven-speed derailleur, with the gearshift mounted right on the handlebar, and caliper hand brakes for both the front and rear wheels.