The New Amphibious River Bus – First Vehicle That Can Carry 50 People!

Who doesn’t love cruising on a boat with a champagne in his hand and chilling viewing the beautiful landscapes. Why not take the bus from your local bus station and take your ride all the way to the work? But this means you have to cross a few rivers to do so. Yes, the new MAN buses are ready to take a shortcut to any destination you want. The bottom half is shaped like a boat, the top half is designed like a bus – this is HafenCity RiverBus. The amphibious bus, the first of its kind in Germany, is built on an MAN truck chassis and offers city tours combined with river cruises. The floating bus has now pulled into the bus stop area and the curious crowd draws closer. The stairs are lowered to allow access to the vehicle accompanied by a continuous beep and the passengers embark one by one. The seats have a dark-blue pattern similar to a normal city bus and there are even stop-request buttons, required for licensing purposes. It is only when you see the driver’s workplace, complete with lifebuoy, joysticks and radio equipment, that you realize this is no ordinary bus. Under the hull is a MAN truck chassis, while the body above comes from an Hungarian company.Powered by a 280-hp MAN six-cylinder engine, the RiverBus sets off towards the Speicherstadt.