Soldier Walks Into A Prison With A Dog – Now Watch The Pup’s Reaction When He Sees THIS Inmate…

Having a dog in your life can be a blessing, a dog brings joy to your life and your house. Besides all these, a dog goes beyond the status of a simple pet: dogs have a sixth sense, they can detect different substances, they can understand human emotional needs, feel your emotions even better than you; they know when you are sad, scared, angry, happy. Dogs can feel things like: intentions, any diseases a person might have, they know when you are unfair, they get upset when you don’t make time for them because to your dog you are his family.
Dogs can also be trained to assist people with disabilities,  to be community dogs for adults with problems such as autism, can help in schools, in army, and also they can be police dogs.
As it can be seen in the video, Pax is trained in a women’s correctional facility in order to become a service dog. After Pax was trained, he was sent to take care of an injured man named Bill Campbell, a war veteran.
Bill and Pax visit the facility and make a huge surprise to the woman who took care of Pax when he was little.
The trainer is happy to tears to see “her boy” and proud of the fact that the dog which she had raised is Bill’s life guardian now