Solar roof tiles – The new technology that will transform your house into a warm and sunny place every hour of the day… AMAZING

Make your own sustainable home is not only a way to respect the environment and stop pollution, but a way to save money annually.
There are several devices that help the home through solar energy, and today we are presenting a very innovative solution. It is called Techo Solar glass tiles, designed by the Swedish company which provide heating and supply of hot water in a sustainable way.
Here’s how they work… if you thought that the eco – sustainability might not
have a good relationship with the aesthetics, these tiles will make you change your mind. Their design do not change the original aspect of the building

The principle of the glass tiles can be understood easily:
1. The nylon base absorbs the heat that passes through the transparent roof tiles so as to heat the reserve of air below the base
2. The characteristic shape of the tiles allows to capture the sun’s rays more efficiently than the solar panels
3. The glass weight is comparable to the clay that constitutes the traditional tiles, therefore by installing this innovative type, the building will not be overloaded
4. The tiles are mounted on a dark support that heats the air sent to the accumulator
5. Depending on the local climatic conditions, a square meter of transparent tiles is capable to produce even 350 kWh
6. In Portugal, people who decided to reconstruct the roof by installing the Techo Solar tiles have been able to enjoy a generous state subsidy equal to 60 % of total expenditure