She lost 122 LBS in a year without surgical interventions: Here’s the SECRET that made her unrecognizable… AMAZING

Obesity is an increasingly common condition in today’s world, caused by the spread of food imbalances : the intrusive presence on the market of refined foods, full of fat and preservatives , and the absence of a proper culinary education, are the elements which lead to a wrong diet, harmful for the whole organism.
Being obese at a young age leads to both health and psychological problems : in this condition, in the childhood it is easy to be teased by the others, and being bullied can undermine self-esteem and social interactions

Kate already weighed 120 kg at the age of 25, and for her, eating was the consolation for the criticism of the outside world.
Her anxiety subsided with food , was worsening her condition.
Kate never knew the meaning of a healthy and balanced diet : eat as needed , no longer dictated by hunger , avoiding sweets and processed foods


Each year his body increased 10 kg and would continue to do so if Kate had not decided to change her lifestyle. She decided to stop ingesting food without being hungry or eating at night

Once her first health problems appeared, Kate realized that she was destroying her own body ; and the only responsible for her appearance was her.
She could no longer work as a salesperson, a job which required standing for hours : her legs began to hurt after a while, forcing her to stop constantly


Kate cut her habit of eating food with calories and decided to take a clean break, while subjected to a hard physical workout . At first she established a diet of only 1200 calories per day but then she had to raise them to 2000 in order to avoid health problems. “In the first week of diet I lost 8 kg. I downloaded an application that helped me to track my diet, and in a month I was already below 100 kg,” says Kate

Kate has lost weight by following an intense workout called Crossfit, and not by having any surgery.The young woman shows her stretch marks without being ashamed: they are a part of her past and they remind her of the point where she started

Kate’s current weight is 75 kg and she is proud of her achieved result. She quit her previous job and now she is a Crossfit personal trainer: her past is a source of inspiration for people who
need help to lose weight


“If I did it, everyone is able to do it. “Her will has determined her to make a sharp change to the quality of her life : Many people see her muscular body, but only when they hear her story they are truly amazed

Certainly, it was not easy to get at such a result, but her regular trainings are responsible for that