Looks Like A Regular Bike Wheel – But Take A Closer Look! WOW

I was fooled when i saw first this wheel bike and almost felt for it, but once you grab it, OMG you can fold it in any shape you want to fit your backpack or even you sport car trunk. The wheel has been invented thousand of years ago and since then we want to make it better, from much higher quality materials and to be fitted anywhere, from bikes to cars, and big machines. Without the wheels we hold the world in place. Revolve is the wheel in a new form, evolved to meet the demands of today.n order to achieve the most efficient and accurate folding mechanism hundreds of 3D models and prototypes have been created over the years.The mission was to build the most compact wheel ever made, with inspiration from robotics, universal joints and the Omni wheel. Revolve has been invented and designed with the aim to be the first modular wheel. Which in turn will open new frontiers for the present and future of fold-able vehicles.Its simplicity and compact design makes Revolve an iconic and unique product never seen before. Revolve occupies up to 60% LESS SPACE when folded (from 665mm to 260mm) and can be used in all conditions. When folded it allows the user to easily store it at home, in a backpack, in a trolley, in a trunk or even in the overhead baggage hold on an airplane. It is compatible with most bicycles and wheelchair designs as well as every mode of transportation using large bicycle wheels.With a simple action you can OPEN AND CLOSE the wheel making it practical and convenient for every user. Its portability is guaranteed with two handles that lock and unlock the wheel when unfolded.