It collects up to 100 liters of water a day just using the heat of the SUN: This is the brilliant idea that will save millions of lives… AMAZING

Warka is the idea developed by the Italian architect named Arturo Vittori and his Swiss colleague Andreas Vogler, presented at the Venice Biennale of 2012, as a part of the projects aimed with the development of rural populations currently without drinking water. It is a tower 10 meters tall, which condenses the moisture in the air, and allows the storage of 100 liters of water per day.
His structure is eco-friendly, made of bamboo and recycled plastic. It is a promising invention, currently widespread in Ethiopia, and expected to spread to the rest of the world soon

In areas like Ethiopian mountains, women and children make every day endless trips to ensure water to the village

The water tower has a reticular structure, and is made of rattan cane, easily found in the area. It can also be built by the inhabitants themselves

The inside of the tower contains textile polyethylene, obtained from recycled plastics; it gathers drinking water directly from the air, thanks to the condensation phenomenon

The entire structure weighs only 60 kg, using side ropes to anchor it to the ground. It is composed of 5 modules, which can be set by 4 people, from the base to the top

The idea comes from the observation of the small Namib desert beetle, able to survive in the desert by condensing the moisture on his abdomen and transforming it into small water droplets

Regardind the aspect of the structure, the architects were inspired by the Ethiopian building tradition, using the cane as raw material for all buildings

In Ethiopia, Warka identifies a large fig tree, a symbol of generosity and fecundity. The large trees are the places around which the villagers gather


Because of the deforestation phenomenon, big trees are less and less numerous. This invention, taking the same name, is proposed to be a new connection element for developing populations