For 15 years This man Devoted his life to burying aborted babies in his back yard – His Life is one exemplary mission… Incredible

Tong Phuoc Phuc is a Vietnamese, who for the past 15 years has given proper burials to the aborted babies from a hospital in his city. It all started during pregnancy of his wife and frequent hospital visits: Tong saw pregnant women enter a room, and get out without the baby in her lap. At first he could not understand what was happening in there, until he saw a doctor throwing a fetus in the trash.
He understood everything, and from that moment on he was born with the desire to do something for those small bodies: those creatures now helpless, he could only give a proper burial. He acquired land in the hills with his meager savings, and began his mission …He asked permission from the hospital to take the aborted fetuses and after receiving their consent, began to bury them.
Poza 1: At first his wife took him for a madman to start such an activity, but Tong was firmly resolved in its intention, and since 2001 has already given a proper burial to 10,000 bodies