Despite her disability, she manages to become a GYMNAST: But after 16 years she discover an incredible secret

The story involving the American gymnast Dominique Moceanu, is unbelievable. In her teens she realized what is called “the American dream”, or the belief that they can improve their living conditions through fatigue, commitment and work.After years of intense training her name has traveled the world and became part of the US team, who won an Olympic gold medal in the team competition.
However, the young gymnast had never been made aware of the fact that she had a sister: a sister who was born without legs with a passion for gymnastics.She was unaware that they share the same blood of this absolute idol.
Jennifer Bricker was abandoned on the day of her birth after her mother saw her disability – born without legs.
Her foster family has raised Jennifer by teaching her the value of reaching her dreams despite her disability. In the house where she lived she was not allowed to say “I can not.”
She was still in diapers when she learned to do things without legs and to not be afraid to explore the world.
Jennifer loved watching the Olympic events: her dream was to become as good as gymnast Dominique Moceanu.
At the age of seven years old, Jennifer started training to become a champion: she started to practice with her father on the trampoline and quickly surpassed the expectations of everyone.
She loved to practice all sports, baseball to basketball, and she never tired!
In high school she was named champion of the state of Illinois.
At the age of 16, Jennifer began researching to find her biological family and her real name.