A Super High-Performance Personal Submarine Ready To Explore The Deep Oceans!

Taking a ride in a submarine is not for everyone, and all this joys comes with a huge price and you are not in charge when comes to visit your loved oceans. But to be free to explore any shallow water a company has created a 2 person submarine that can reach deeps that are hard to guess. Designed for a pilot to take two passengers on an incredible underwater excursion, Super Falcon 3S is the ideal submarine for resort operations. DeepFlight Super Falcon 3S was expressly designed to provide passengers with the unique experience of underwater flight. The advanced maneuverability allows pilots to tailor the excursion to each guest’s desire – from a slow balletic cruise alongside marine animals, to an exhilarating flight over reefs and shipwrecks. The Super Falcon 3S adds a 3rd cockpit, allowing a trained pilot to take two passengers on the underwater adventure of a lifetime! Guests sit in their own comfortable, form-fitting cockpit, with legs outstretched, enjoying a 360-degree view of the amazing ocean world around them. With its wings deployed, it measures 3 m wide x 1.6 m x 6.7 m long. The width is reduced to 1.4 m with the side wings folded.The electricity that drives the propulsion system is from batteries,the Super Falcon’s cruise speed is between 2–6 knots. Its maximum thrust is 230 kg. It can operate at a depth of 1,000 fsw with a payload of 230 kg , or 2 persons. It has a launch weight of 1,818 kg. So if your pocket is deep, you can buy one for your personal use and forget about those expensive rides that you can go just once a year.