A loyal Doberman gives his life and saves his family by fighting 4 deadly cobras

India is known for the cobras attacks, more and more people die there every year poisoned by the snakes.
The devouted dog was a true guardian angel for his family, especially the day when his beloved family’s lives were threatened by four dangerous snakes.
The dog was guarding their home, located in the village of Sebekapur under the Raygada Block of the Gajapati District in Odisha, India.
He was running through the yard when he saw the four poisonous cobras. Loyalty and love for his family determined the dog to fight against the snakes and kill them. During his attack, the Doberman was bitten by the cobras and he unfortunately died soon after.
The dog sacrified his life for his family and even if he died he will always be remembered by them and by the community

Watch how a doberman fights a big snake: