A little girl gets LOST in the woods for 12 days without food or water, but when her dog returns home the family decide to follow him back

It is enough to spend some time in nature to understand how detached we are from it. The need for technological tools in order to take any action shows us the profound difference between us and the previous generations , because they had instead developed strategies and survival skills to find everything they needed in nature.
The story of that little girl reveals the fact that one primordial spirit of survival still remains in the soul of the modern man : Karina Chikitova got lost in the Siberian forest for over 12 days, before finally returning to his family with only a few scratches . How did she get home safe? In her company was a faithful friend…

During the day when she got lost, her grandmother thought she was with her father in the city, but as soon as she realized the little girl was not with him, she called the police. Alongside, their dog was missing too

The entire population started to search for the 4 years girl, but without success. After a week the dog named Kyrachaan was found, and he showed himself very agitated as if to convince people to follow him into the forest

He knew where Karina was and he led her saviors there. 12 days after the disappearance , the girl was found unharmed at 7 km far from the house

Karina came home undernourished and with a few scratches, nothing compared to what was expected: if it hadn’t been for the dog, terrible things would have happened to her

Her faithful friend protected her against wolves and bears, and against the cold of the Siberian nights by offering his fur

The story of Karina has become a symbol for Siberia : and a statue has been placed in Yakutsk airport in order to be remembered

The Ministry of Emergency Situations has released a touching video with Karina and her dog, a hero !